Pretending Happy Singles: Must Find Social Media Characters

Today, more and more Ugandans be it villagers or town lads spend more time online on the internet than on any other thing. This has come due to the availability of technology that makes it just a click away on smartphones to Social media. Most have turned out to be a character on according what they post, follow or do while online. Therefore, be sure that you will meet such characters below on different Social media platforms like Whatsappp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc when you become a netizen:

Top Social Media Characters

The Photo-maniacs

These mostly include women whose butts have been kicked to the pavement by their lovers, but still want to prove a point. They upload over edited photos of theirs every ten seconds alongside inviting captions to give the impression of living large.

Happy Singles

You will always find long posts on their social media timelines and statuses describing how one doens’t need a man to be happy in between impressions of living an absolutely marvelous life. These lone wolves that turn out to be mostly ladies will also rant on how married men are flooding their inboxes, just to send jitters to married women.

Truth be said, they’re mostly sad city girls who most of the time cry themselves to sleep after a tissue session with the ‘Girl’s Brigade’ on how their last dates walked out on them.



The success fakes

These ones are ever dressed in official attire; from power suits, ties and all that ‘casket attire.’ They post inspiring financial quotes on the relationship between risk and success, besides stuff about ‘emotional intelligence’ and its connection to the ‘80/20 rule’. They take photos in front of fuel guzzlers, which they don’t own. Most of these do it to impress their old classmates, friends and those girls at their villages that they are at an envied for level of success yet in truth, they are normal guys struggling just any other Ugandan Youth.

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These are lads that don’t post or comment on anyone’s post but are ever seen online. Girls should take care of such mostly the male versions, on record, they will beg for nudes just two minutes into a conversation.

However, the female ones, are that professional stalker, flipping through profiles of rivals and scrutinizing every inch of her former lover’s life. She knows who is hitched or dumped.


Booty Selfie-holics

These girls are always uploading photos of their backsides, accompanied with motivational quotes. It is like they’re telling the world, “I want attention so bad, but eer… I am not a slut!”

The sponsored

It’s a woman of course who has probably commissioned a super highway inside her pants. She is always in five-star hotels taking photos from all angles. She is mostly playing in the ‘Sponsors Premier League,’ meaning she has no time for poor crooks but only the loaded. She doesn’t care about the looks, the wallet weight only matters.

Fake Men of God

These pretend to be real children of God who turn out to be sex pests at the blind side. They always quote Bible verses and can’t write 10 words without invoking the name of God. Funny how they have a legion of blind followers hanging on their Old Testament wisdom. However, you will be shocked when you detour to their inbox to find their goal is to feast on little girls who seek for special prayers and blessings from them.


This one is the annoying fella, all over the place pretending to bring logic even to simple jokes. They use pseudo accounts or call themselves weird names to throw people off his scent. They are either invisible in the real world, probably too short (with a small member), flexing muscles anonymously.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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  1. hahahahahahhahah, ssebo it depends on who, a person who is dressed up like that of suites it doesn’t mean that he/she should possess money, many people who dress up poorly bekuba njawulo just but in actual sense they reflect their appearances, sizes like that of TAATA MALCOM, are not expected to board Taxis, they should be in Range Rovers but they just know their limits. so appearance doesnt mean money more so being smart

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