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My Dad of 5 is a Gay: Ugandans Married to Bisexual Partners Speak Out

Imagine finding out that your husband and father of 5 is a gay after sharing each moment of your life with him for the past 15 years!! What would you do?? This is the same situation that happened to the now distraughted Cathy, whose other details have been kept anonymous. She Narrated to Ugandan Buzz and here goes her Story…

She discovered that her husband that she met in 1993 was a closet homosexual when a missed flight at the airport saw her returning home where she was confronted by the reality of her man’s double life.

The two met during a campus trip but nabbing her man of all seasons romping with another man on their matrimonial bed left her speechless, sick and confused. He was a woman in his gay life.

“If he was cheating on me with a woman, maybe I could have understood. But that my husband was the ‘woman’ in our own bedroom is even harder to swallow,” She wails

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Let’s leave Cathy aside, here is another cry out. Last week, a woman confessed on social media how her pal had been suspecting her husband of cheating on her. What she did was to hire a private detective to establish the truth. Two days later, the detective reported that the man was cheating all right, but not with a woman. He was having a thing on the side with another man!
Should this friend tell the husband that she knows about his big, dark secret? It remained a puzzling question to her followers on Social Media.

Hope you also read about the story of Jimmy in the papers, a one business man in Nairobi – Kenya who was recently dumped by his wife when she discovered that he liked men. The woman said that she discovered that her father of 3 sons is said to be dating a struggling poet and has even been funding his poetry night sessions.

Is Bisexuality For Men Only?

Meanwhile, the issue of gay partners is not only for men, there are a number of yet undiscovered house wives that have kept their Lesbianism a secret.

A one Jack, a top security guard with side jobs as top politicians body guards discovered that the woman he was cohabiting with and considering tying the knot with was actually turned on by other women. They immediately called it quits as he could not share his woman with another woman.

There’s this time she came with two women home. I did not want to be confused for a lesbian since most people had started questioning whether I was also her girlfriend.

Another culprit in this case is a one Francis. Unlike others, this chef does not mind a three-way relationship with his Burundian wife, Sabrina. He has no qualms when his wife brings women to their matrimonial bed as he believes it spices up their sex life and besides, he asks which man would resist two women in his bed?

I don’t think this is cheating because my wife does the hunting.” He defends him self.

What do you think?

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