Here is what Spice Diana Commented on her ‘Wig Fall Off’ Incident

Last week, Singer Diana Namukwaya yet again became a laughing stock if not a mockery after getting a ‘wig slip off” as she was appearing live performing on BBS Television. Many came out to hurl insults to her, advising the singer to visit her elders in the village as it seemed the ancestors are not pleased with her whereas other felt sorry for her since ‘things happen’.

However, the ‘Anti Kale’ singer has come out to comment on the ’embarassing’ saga that happened to her. While appearing on Nbs Ketchup show Spice Diana made it clear that wigs are trendy and fashionable so people should not blow it out of proportion since classy and rich girls can afford her kind of wigs..

She went ahead to take off her wig while bragging that unless you don’t have money to purchase a lase wig, a girl with short hair has to always change her looks before revealing that that wig cost her over Ushs 3.5 M to acquire it.

“I purchased my wig from Sheila Gashumba, it cost me about 3.5 million shillings. That’s how expensive human wigs are,” The ’32’ singer said.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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