Spice Diana: I only have one Ex and I’ve Never Dated My Manager

Songstress ‘Miss 32’ alias Spice Diana has silenced her naysayers who think that she is a man eater by revealing that she has ever loved only two guys in her life. The one she is seeing currently and her ex.

The 24-year-old Diana Namukwaya Hajara (Her real names) claims to having only one ex-boyfriend and she thinks she is too good to mess around with men.

“I am a good girl who dates for love and l don’t like to mess around with men” The Anti Kale singer said.

About the rumors about dating her Music manager Rodger, Spice Diana said that those are just social media gossips and never been true though she insists to be seeing some one whose identity she is not yet ready to reveal.

“Am seeing someone special and l would not like to reveal him at the moment” she added.

Diana Namukwaya is one of Uganda’s youngest musicians with great talent that has blossomed of late with a few hit songs like Anti Kale, 32 featuring Weasel Manizo, Kyuma featuring the Good Lyf among others.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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