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Singer Spice Diana’s Problem With Figures a Chronic

When it comes to a conversation involving a discussion about figures, never take opinions of people like Singer Spice Diana. Her problem with figures is legendary and far beyond reasons of headlining news especially with negative publicity.

From scoring 32 points at the A-Level of education whose largest maximum has ever been 25 the ’32’ singer is not yet done with blunders in Nursery mathematics with the recent being her ridiculous comments on the newly imposed social media tax.

Singer Spice Diana

The way she commented on the daily Ugx 200 OTT services charge by the government, it seemed she either had no idea about how much the tax was or had a chronic problem with expressing her self out with figures as she kept on giving wrong numbers with over three trials so as to remain relevant to the question.

In less than a minute, she mentioned that the daily social media tax charge is sh200,000, sh250,000 and then settled for sh2,050.

“You might think that Shs. 200,000 or 250,000 yeah 2050 looks like small money but to people out there it’s too much. And when our fans are not on social media it hinders our promotion,” Singer Namukwaya Diana said with confidence.

This has made the musician become a meme on the internet as various people use her video to troll her.

Spice Diana

She however continued to elaborate her point that if their fans are not on social media, there is no reason for doing expensive music videos.

“I have released my two videos to the public.. How will the fans show me the same love love they have shown me for the past four years? My fans are affected. I am not used to getting 10 likes and two comments on my posts. I thrive on feedback” She fumed as she was concluding.

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