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Top 5 Fiercest Managerial Rivalries in Club Football History

Football rivalries go way beyond fans clashing with each other. It is becoming increasingly normal for coaches and managers from opposing camps to fight. Usually, coaches engage in activities that are meant to intimidate the opposition or take away the pressure from the players. In the English Premier League, Jurgen Klopp vs Pep Guardiola seems to be the hottest managerial contest. The two managers have led their teams that have wowed fans and punters on Betway alike. Here are the top 5 fiercest managerial rivalries in club football history.

5.Arrigo Sacchi vs. Fabio Capello

Despite never playing competitive football, Sacchi took over from Capello as AC Milan coach. His appointment received a lot of opposition, but the former shoe salesman took on the challenge.

The Rossoneri did well under his guidance for four years, but the club president later fired him for being too demanding on club funds. He was replaced by Capello, who won the feud by bringing in more success.

4. Brian Clough vs. Don Revie

Brian Clough Meets Don Revie in the infamous clough-revie interview

Don Revie’s Leeds United were the best club in English football in the 70s. However, Clough’s derby county surprised them by beating them to the title in 1972 by one point. Revie later left to coach the English national team and was replaced by Clough, who was critical of the team’s physical playing style. Their rivalry culminated in a brutal television appearance in 1974 in which the two took off their gloves and faced off.

3.Arsene Wenger vs. Jose Mourinho

This rivalry was perhaps the most sarcastic in Arsene Wenger’s career. Mourinho characteristically took a jibe at Wenger for his trophy drought. Mourinho, the self-proclaimed “Special One,” was quoted saying that Wenger only had a 50% win rate in the English League.

Wenger, in his reply, thought Mourinho was out of order and disrespectful. He further said that when stupid people become successful, the success makes them more stupid. Later, The Special One said that Wenger was a “failure specialist.”

2.Jose Mourinho vs. Pep Guardiola

When you are the coaches of La Liga’s most prominent rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona, tempers are bound to fly. In his characteristic sarcastic comments, Mourinho once said that Guardiola only had Champions League success because circumstances helped him.

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola

In his scathing attack, he stated that Pep is not usually happy when referees make the right decision. But, Guardiola, being the gentleman he is, replied that if Barcelona wanted a manager to respond to Jose’s complaints, they should get another manager because he doesn’t do that.

1.Sir Alex Ferguson vs. Arsene Wenger

Between 1996 and 2004, the English Premier League title was either won by Manchester United or Arsenal. When Wenger arrived at Arsenal, Ferguson claimed that he (Wenger) was a football novice and should reserve his comments for the Japanese football.

Arsen Wenger and Alex Ferguson

When Wenger won the double over Ferguson in 2002, Ferguson called the Arsenal team “over-physical scrappers.” Wenger replied to Ferguson’s comments by telling the media that “Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.” Their rivalry treated fans and punters on Betway to memorable performances. After retirement the two gentlemen are good friends.

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