The Masindi based women football club, Lady Doves FC made a record in Uganda’s female football sport after winning a regional league on a clean sheet.

These amazing females defeated every team that came across their way, that not all, and didn’t concede to any goal.

This amazing performance saw Lady Doves gaining a promotion to the FUFA Elite League, some thing that resulted into crazy celebrations to the extent of soiling their jerseys.

However, this didn’t go well with the club’s officials as one was heard angrily murmuring to the other that they were spoiling the jerseys yet they had just acquired them.

“Those Jerseys are still new, we need them for future use, why make them dirty? Those things they copy from TV are not good at all” He said.

Any way, Ugandan Buzz congratulates the management and players of Lady Doves FC for the amazing record and the championship as well.