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Meet Ali Kiba’s Hot blood sister


Among the talented musician that enjoy keeping them selves at a low profile, Tanzanian Singer Ali kiba tops the list. Despite his amazing talent and great vocals, Ali Kiba has kept his life so private ever since his music career blossomed. However, from the look of things, it works out just fine for him.

He rarely has scandals dragging his career down. This has kept his fans more curious to know about his life more than ever. What we have just discvered for you, he a stunningly hot sister, Zabibu Kiba.

PHOTO: Ali Kiba’s hot sister

Zabibu is the lady every sights would keep on longing to see. She is one fine lady with killer curves and just like his brother, she enjoys to stay away from the public eye.

Her lifestyle is kinda complicated. She is no different from most average Tanzanian women. Though she loves the good life and spending, looking at her photos, she does not promote nudity. Zabibu seems to be a staunch Muslim.

This is the only little we have so far gotten for you about Zabibu and Alikiba’s private life as well.

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