The ‘disease’ that Campusers fear more than HIV

Irrespective of whether male or female, research from different Universities in Uganda and all over the world concludes that during the ‘throws of passion’ (sex), most campusers are more concerned about pregnancy but not HIV/Aids.

“When you get pregnant, the whole world knows, and you cannot hide it from your friends and family and what they will say about you…. For HIV/Aids, it’s only you and God who know your status,” A female student explained.

The fact that there is no cure for Aids apparently does not seem to bother most these youths. Most female students seek information on contraceptives than rubbers evidenced by extremely full tents of contraceptive use and counseling  during STI testing.

On the other side, the male students are more interested in mastering condom use. It is not strange to knock at your neighbors door at the hour of need to “borrow” a condom.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

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