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Where is the tech industry taking us next?

Future of technology

The new wave of technology is giving us mixed feelings. Should we be optimistic about the role of technology in our lives? Should we look forward to self-automated cars?

Andreessen Horowitz’s Benedict Evans discusses why we respond the way we do to technological change and where the tech industry is taking us next. We know that the tech industry has provided us with a lot of things, like health, sports and gaming platforms like

Benedict Evans is a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (‘a16z’) and also runs a popular email newsletter and the transcribed interview is presented by betway.

A lot of people only know about the problems of advancing technology it makes them techno-pessimistic. When asked about the techno-optimist’s case right now for where technologies will take us, and he claims there are different ways of answering the question.

He said that when a technology is new, people claim it won’t work and when it finally does, they say, ‘oh my God, this is amazing look what I can do.’

After a little while, you discover the positive and the negative implications of that and things settle down then you just kind of work out how it is going to be.

He was also asked if there was too much optimism about the present technology, where they are today and what they will be able to do just as what betway will be when it advances its technology.

He replied that every radical thing come with utopianism. And that people have missed some basic points about how the world works and how people work. He said that there’s always a tiny utopianism in the creation of any radical new thing because otherwise, one has to have a utopian mentality in order to believe that things possible are worth doing.

When these new things are put in the hands of billions of people especially when there are lots of ‘not so nice’ people, and not all of the dynamics of human interaction always produce positive results. It could be translated into a new form which results into New and serious problems and cause moral panic.

Despite the thing about each wave of automation getting rid of a bunch of jobs and creating a bunch of new ones. There’s usually some a lot of painful friction around that process, but it doesn’t mean that any of us would desire to go back to a world in which 90% or 95% of us were agricultural laborers or 80% or 90% of us were carrying out repetitive manual working in a heavy industry, bashing pieces of metal with a hammer in our hands.

Some people pose argument that says that’s what always happens and there’s nothing new presently, it’s just another piece of automation like the rest of automation we’ve had before. While that’s just one narrative, another narrative would admit that we’ve been automating progressively higher and higher level human functions.

Then when we go up, we begin to require, more intelligence and increased insight, or skill, or craft, or genius, or whatever it is as we automate more and more kind of lower-level capabilities.

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