The hustle of making love in the ‘Mizigos’

“In nature, we can’t avoid sex but it is embarrassing in the slums and mzigos. Neighbors whether Adults and children will always gossip about you” A youth resident in Zana slums told Ugandanbuzz.

Are you aware of the Peeping Toms out there just waiting to focus lenses on you while craving strikes with your lover? It is tricky for parents to have intimacy in city slums due to lack of privacy from the way the houses are constructed.

These houses are closely together and to make the matters worse, most are largely made of corrugated iron sheets.  When the throws of passion commence, the sound tracks will echo beyond the cracks in the walls.

The truth is, it is very difficult to hide sexual intimacy in slums. Some try to camouflage the situation by raising the volume of their music systems but you will still hear the banging on iron sheet walls.

Couples feel dehumanized when small children gossip about their sex life.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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