Tooro Kingdom Comes Out on the Seductive Girls Photo taken at the Palace

There has been a picture portraying a group of girls posed in a flirtatious manner at the entrance of Tooro Kingdom Palace has been making rounds on social media which has created a talk around town. Some think it was a sign of shame to the kingdom and Uganda at large in the face of foreign tourists that flock the palace learn about the culture and norms of the Batooro.

However, The Tooro kingdom has finally come out to clear air about the picture and the bad Image it has created to them.

According to the deputy Information Minister of the Kingdom, Vincent Mugume, they condemn a group of girls that took a disturbing picture at the entrance of the kingdom in a sex-enticing manner that he termed being disrespectful to the royal culture and the palace.

He added on that the kingdom expects people to behave and dress appropriately in a way that does not undermine the kingdom or scare away other people.

“However, we expect people to be respectful of our culture and palace. We expect them to be decent in dressing and what they do while at the palace to accord its deserved respect, ….The palace is a great place for history and culture for those interested in learning and provides a beautiful view for the low lying Fort Portal town, the Rwenzori mountain ranges and more” Mugume

The deputy minister admitted that the picture is regrettable before revealing on how the palace administration is putting in place measures to make sure that such an incidents does not happen again.

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