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Top 10 Ugandan Songs In 2019

Big Trill

Disclaimer: The list below is courtesy of Ugandan Buzz. We all know that we are very many people dwelling in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda, everyone with his/her own desires and choices, so don’t get offended if you don’t see your popular hit song or artist on this list. Honestly Ugandan musicians, excluding Fresh Daddy, have tried to release very many good songs making it difficult to pick only 10 songs. We have however tried very hard to pick these songs precisely out of the many that have been released in the year 2019, basing on different things.

Chiefly, we’ve based on the demand of the song on tvs and radio stations by fans, it’s longevity, and of course the song’s effect on revelers in nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Below are the songs anyway:

10. Ekiro Munzikiza by pallaso

Pallaso, from the mighty Mayanja talented family, has really been lively throughout 2019. He has outed a variety of hit songs but ‘ekiro munzikiza’ has really emerged as the biggest from him this year. Whenever this song is played anywhere, mainly in nightclubs, it drives revelers wild – downright one of the most sought after Ugandan songs in 2019.

9. Squeeze by Voltage Music ft Fille

Squeeze was a duet from Kent and Flosso – Voltage Music on which they featured a songstress, Fille Mutoni. It has been one of the top collaborations in Uganda and it has been often requested on various tvs and radio stations.

8. Omusheshe by Ray G ft Spice Diana

Omusheshe has also been a top song in Uganda, playing almost every day on tvs and radio stations.

7. Ebyalagirwa by John Blaq

I reckon John Blaq will win a variety of awards, including artist of the year 2019. He has really fed Ugandans with a variety of good music in 2019 with ‘ebyalagirwa’ inclusive. The song has been topping charts in 2019 and doing wonders in nightclubs, for those who enjoy the night life!

6. Ebango by Rickman

This song was released in January and by that time no Ugandan song could come even meters close to it. It was a real banger and one of those songs that revelers have been dancing to, the whole of 2019.

5. Wire Wire by Bebe Cool

Unlike his arch-enemies, Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool has been active musically. Wire wire is one of those songs Ugandans have danced to in 2019.

4. Do dat by John  Blaq

It has been one of the most prominent Ugandan songs in 2019, thanks to John Blaq’s creativity. It has been difficult to watch a music show on any tv station and you don’t see this song played. It is one of the songs that have made John Blaq’s year beautifully magnificent!

3. Sikikukweka by Daddy Andre

After the death of Mowzey Radio, most music aficionados were worried if they could get another super talented song writer and musician just like him but Daddy Andre has tried to defy the odds. Sikikukweka has really been a very great song throughout the year, ever since its release. Lovers and couples have tightened their relationships because of this song.

2. Gutujja by B2C ft Rema

Needless to say, gutujja has been the biggest collaboration in Uganda in 2019. One of those songs you will easily listen to wherever you go in Uganda. The sweet voice of Rema fitted in well with the trio’s amazing voices to form what one can easily call a saccharine song, ‘gutujja’, thus dominating all the airwaves in the country.

1. Parte After Parte by Big Trill

Do you know what it really means your song to be danced to by a a variety of top stars all over the world, especially when you’re in the calibers of Big Trill? Big Trill’s parte after parte song has not only topped charts in Uganda but also Africa and world-wide. When Wizkid came to Uganda earlier this month, on his dirty December concert, he confessed that the song is currently the biggest in Africa. Many other superstars endorsed the song, including; Nigeria’s Olamide.

Recently Cardi B was also seen dancing to this song on his boyfriend’s birthday. With all this, the song has not only been big in Uganda but also in the whole world. In fact the song indelibly left the slang of ‘parte after parte’ which is mostly used by clubbers all over Africa.

Bonus tracks

1. semyekozo by eddy kenzo – the song has been released in the extremities of 2019 and it is currently one of those topping charts. We hope it to top charts and rock Uganda’s airwaves in 2020.

2. Nkuloga by Grenade Official – this was also a great song from the promising lad whom we think can be voted as the upcoming artist of the year 2019 in the various yearly awards in Uganda.

3. Bambi by Fresh Kid – though very young, 8 years old, Fresh Kid has honestly been one of the most outstanding artists in 2019 and his song ‘Bambi’ was a very big jam.

4. Chikibombe by Levixone – It is a gospel song but whenever played in various entertainment venues, no one will remain seated. It has really been a big song in 2019 and don’t be surprised if you find that some people include it on their top 10 list.

What do you think?

Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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