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Bracelets, Blings: Top Fashion Trends That Mowzey Radio Influenced

A lot has been said and is still being said about the Good Lyfe fallen Soulja Persona, lyrical prowess, melodious voice, caring heart, intellectual minds but not his sense of fashion. He had a signature of style that he introduced to the nation from the goatie to the bling and bracelets.

Here are Late Moses Sekibogo’s top influenced fashion trends.

Hand Bracelets

He had a love affair with the bracelets from the early 2000’s and he once confessed it that he got most of them from his female fans as a token of appreciation. They noticed that he was into them with his life, so decided to gift him accordingly.

Goatie Beard

Radio always sported a goatee. Before, it was the he-goatie that was associated with this kind of fashion, then after he came, fans and wannabes

jumped on to his band wagon. Singer Ariel, Radios top wannabe, has always kept a goatee since when the fallen soulja had dreadlocks, when he shaved it off till his unfortunate demise.


Army camouflage was a trend Radio stuck to and even the gate of his Makindye home (Neverland) is also painted so. This is the reason we refer to him as a fallen soulja (soldier). Many fans have so far donned this fashion trend in a show of respect for him. Even to his last hours on earth, his body was dressed in an imitated army combat and it was which he was barried in.

Bling Blings

The late always had either gold or Silver chains around his neck. He would throw bling on every kind of outfits. Be it round-necked shirts, long-sleeved shirts, short sleeved, checkered or plain, you couldn’t miss to spot at least one.


Whether at night, at home, studio or on stage, Mowzey Radio always donned sun glasses. Had he just adopted the fashion trends of celebrities of wearing these dark shades to shield their tired eyes? Me and you!!!! But it was some what a fashion statement to remember about him.

Checked Outfits

It all started in the Video of ‘Bread and Butter’, together with his singing duo Weasel, they wore checked shorts, a trend that many young people then started to favor. Not yet done, in ‘Sweeter than Kuku’ song, they bounced back with suspenders and long checked trousers, a style that also became a hit. Radio was also spotted at times in checked shirts and this is a fashion to remember about him.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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