Top reasons your kid dies to go back to school

Though kids will pretend to miss home cooked meals, friends from the hood and the hot neighbor’s daughter/ son who makes them feel like breaking a certain commandment, there are things that these scholars look forward to when back to school comes calling. This is why they die going back to school:

Hot ‘Student teachers’
These hot tutors on teacher’s practice. To high school students under key and lock in boarding schools, second term supplies them with hot and dashing young men and women from campus as teachers on practice.

No doing dishes
After long months of morning preps, endless afternoon chemistry double lessons coupled with the mean cane of Mr Peter, students expect a relief of all these for comfort during holiday. However, mothers spoil the party with house chores, washing dishes, fetching water e.t.c. So, Back to school provides an escape from all these.

Making Quick money
Back to school provides an opportunity for quick money after lying to your parents that the school needs three reams of photocopying paper, besides money for fictitious trips to Kasenyi Fish Landing site e.t.c.

Chicks at School Sosh
Mostly for single sex scholars, back to school is the only hope of Tom seeing his endowed girlfriend from that girl’s school that usually come to his school for Sosh parties.

Food in school is sure deal
Not all students find home a haven filled with milk, honey and enough food. Then there are those whose homes are nestled in Nakasongola and Luwero where food is a luxury. These kids will always look forward to back-to-school to eat enough.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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