How to book a Car for Road Trips in Uganda

Uganda is a prime destination that every first timer to Africa would wish to start with. It is located in the Eastern part of the African continent, share borders with Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the south west, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and South Sudan in the north.

This destination has a lot to marvel whether you wish to get lost into a lively city, treat yourself to a swim in turquoise waters, stand in awe with the stunning natural sceneries or wonder at the naturally endowed rich Wildlife in its protected areas, witness the endangered primates of mountain Gorilla species while on a Gorilla Safari among others.

Apart from that, Uganda fascinates a range of travelers with its favorable conditions, stable security, welcoming locals, ease of accessibility, impeccable hospitality services and flexibility.

With that highlight, it is easy to understand why it’s included in most of travelers’ bucket list to Africa.

Travelers who are after exploring Uganda have two options to choose including a customized Safari or hire a Car for Self-drive. Among the two, most travelers prefer Self-drive Car rentals in Uganda because it is cost friendly and awards more space for privacy.

To those who are also opting to it for your safari to Uganda, below are the tips or steps followed on how to book a car with Car Rental Uganda for Road trips in Uganda.

Decide on the dates of Travel. While planning for a Self-Drive Safari in Uganda, it is better you first sort out yourself and decide on which dates you are travel. Sometime the travel during leave holidays at work, honeymoon time, festive seasons and more.

After deciding on the travelling dates, then it will be fantastic for you to go further and inquire with a Car rental agency in Uganda towards booking a car for use while in Uganda for a Self-drive vacation.

Inquire with the Rental agency. Day by day a new car rental agency is put into existence, therefore with evidence there are many agencies in Uganda that provide cars for rental but to choose a best one is a hard task that travelers usually face.

So you have to make a clear survey before deciding though with this article you are in a right place and it is our pleasure to recommend some of the best agencies that offer unrivalled services.

I cannot recommend all but one of them is 4×4 Uganda Car Rentals. You can reach their online platform, there are plenty of car brands displayed for you to choose your best.

Inquire about the availability and the reservation agents are always available to answer all your questions.

Seek for recommendation. If you are not more satisfied, you can seek for recommendations from a friend, family relative or travelers who have already used Car rental agencies in Uganda. You can find your fellow travelers on trip advisor forums or other kinds of forums online.

Request for Terms and Conditions. There are terms and conditions that govern all Car rentals in Uganda. For any traveler to be issued with the vehicle, he or she must go by these terms. So before booking request for them in soft copy and read through to understand everything.

After you can confirm – on arrival, a hard copy of these terms will be provided to read through again and as well sign on it.

Confirm the booking. After deciding all the rental terms and quotation with your agency chosen, you can now confirm the booking in time such that the vehicle is reserved for you in the respective travel dates. Cars are always on high demand mostly in the high season of travelling, so to book in advance is safer.

Deposit on the Rental. To be sure of your booking, please deposit on the rental such that the Car is reserved for you. Usually the deposit is about 10 – 20% of the rental cost. You can pay the rest of the costs on arrival.

Wait for the day of delivery. After booking and depositing on the rental, then just wait until your travel dates reach and the representative of the Car rental agency will be waiting for you on the day of arrival. Please remember to update the agency about your date of arrival and flight time.

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