3 Common Vehicles Used on Uganda Safaris

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There is a variety of cars but used for safari travel in Uganda. We bring to you a list of top cheapest cars that you can use during your holiday in Uganda. Many clients always take long time to find a car which can fit their budget and at times they end up making wrong choices of ineffective cars which consumes a lot of fuel. It’s better to go on a cheap car that economize on fuel but still offer you a perfect service, here is a list of cost effective cars for hire in Uganda.

Land Cruiser Prado, van and supper custom – Rated the Best

This can’t be left out among the top less expensive car to hire in Uganda, this 4 weal drive is a japan made by automobile company, Toyota Motors. It is very comfortable, well equipped with useful road gadgets, an air conditioner and also it has a good space for cargo. It can accommodate up to 6 people. You can get a Land Cruiser Prado from as low as US$ 80 for self-drive and US$ 110 with driver. A Super custom which can take up to 8 people can cost US$70 while a rental with the driver can cost USD100 with a driver.

Toyota Rav4

This type of vehicle leads the list of less expensive cars in Uganda to hire, this 4wheel drive is suitable as it can accommodate up to 3-5 people with a good seat row space and boot to carry your  luggage’s . It’s very good in economizing fuel with easy navigation and diesel engine. For those interested in self-drive tours it works it better especially if going around the city, function, business. It’s very common in Uganda because of its purchasing price at Uganda self-drive we hire it at US$45 for self-drive and USD 55 with a driver

Corolla – Recommended for only Town service

This car is also used by very many people in Uganda, it can accommodate up to 4-5 people, and it is good in economizing fuel costs. When going for conference meeting, picnics, touring the city as well as parties this is a suitable car to use. You can hire it at US$50 with a driver and US$40 without a driver

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