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Trekking journeys to exceptional places with fun and music

Gorilla trekking still stands as the ultimate adventure. To stand at the pinnacle of the earth with these great apes is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Gorillas are only limited to few countries especially Uganda in the south western part, Rwanda in the volcanoes regions and Congo being the master of all the 3, due to the fact that Congo has been gifted by both the mountain and low land gorillas.

Mountain Gorillas
Mother Mountain Gorilla with her young one

Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda is really a life challenging experience, characterized with fear, frustration, conflicts and life-long friendships. Some hikers will experience their dream fulfilled, others will have to return home with an unfinished task. You’ll look around you and try to guess. But only destiny will know which fate is to be yours.

However, gorilla trekking is fun especially those who reach their dream come true. While on gorilla trekking experience one would ask him or herself, how easy is gorilla trekking?

Going on gorilla trek money matters a how ever once you’re in the bush, your credit card won’t save you in case you can’t manage to walk, you can be carried by porters on conditions that you have cash, that they will offer you a service to be back to your hotel, seeing gorillas in their natural habitat is an extremely a life time experience.

And just as we continue to launch ourselves deeper into nature even though at times adventure turns into disappointment   sometimes turn into tragedy, adventurers will always try to seek nature and to experience the majesty, beauty, and adventure of our closest world. The commonly asked questions arises as result the internet building questions like;

How big is the size of the group that we are going to visit?

This is a commonly known question fired to guides even before the day of the actual gorilla trekking, but relate this question to if someone ask you the weight of your mothers baby in the womb, so in reality it’s hard to see all the group members in particular family given the conditions of the terrain and the timing of the visit all of which depends on nature.

Those who have never been, you know gorilla trekking journey is a life-enhancing experience! Our love journey begins here, with great adventures while listening to the legendary music of Ugandan musicians. Holiday and music they go hand in hand and it really brings life back to normal with great memories from the 70s and 90s.

Africa will remain on top given the fact that it has great wonders that ranges from the African big five to the giant primates experience.

African Big Five
Lions are one of Africa’s Big Five. Others include Buffaloes, Rhinoceros, Leopard and Elephants

Over and over, year and year, gorilla trekking has been a prime attraction to most primatologist close the globe and this is the primarily objective as to why most people would love either to take privately guided road trip or guided tour, self drive Uganda gives all the options to enjoy Africa from a smaller and bigger perspective.

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