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Troy’s Verdict On the Killing of Mowzey Radio

As everyone knows that Troy Wamala is the main accused in the killing of Uganda’s singer, Mowzey Radio real names Ssekibogo Nakintije Moses, Troy has totally refuted the allegations. In his speech today at the Entebbe Magistrates Court, the accused denies his involvement in the death of Radio.

In his defense before a fully packed Entebbe high court, Troy said that on that fateful day, January 22nd 2018, Moses Radio poured whisky on the group he (Troy) was seated with and hurled insults at Mr. George Egesa, the proprietor of De bar, the crime scene.

”George pushed the table which had drinks and tried to attack Radio but we told him it was not worth it to fight Radio”, Troy told court presided over by justice Jane Abodo before adding that at that moment other people joined the table because of the ongoing commotion while music producer David Ebanget aka Washington stood by the wall observing what was happening.”

Radio, right, and Weasel – his lifetime singing partner

In the due process, Radio started fighting with everyone who came close to him; maybe he thought they were all his enemies. He kept his guard up trying to fight,” he said. According to Troy, Radio and a Goodlyfe Crew member was then held by ‘some gentlemen’ around the table in attempt to restrain him before they started pushing him out of the bar.

At the same time, Mr. Egesa (De Bar proprietor) was reportedly being held by a one Muwonge, a supervisor at De Bar, Pamela Musiimire, the woman said to have been in the company of Moses Radio, and a one Agnes, a witness.

I didn’t follow them as they were taking him out. I instead moved out after receiving a call from the O.C Katabi police station because the place was noisy. As I moved out, I found Radio fighting with two gentlemen in the corridor. I tried to intervene to stop the fight. I held on of the gentlemen but I was overpowered and found myself on the ground.

When I stood up, they were still fighting with Radio who was already down. I lost interest in trying to stop the fight and moved on. I got a boda boda and called back the O.C Katabi because I had an appointment with him.” said Troy. ”The only thing I did that day during the bar brawl was trying to stop the fight, I didn’t lift anyone like they said I lifted the deceased and threw him down”, Troy added.

I don’t remember touching him,” he concluded before the stated prosecutor was asked to cross examine him.

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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