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Twitter Influencers: Top 15 Underrated Tweeps in Uganda

Top Underrated Twitter Influencers in Uganda

Today, it takes very little convincing to prove why social media is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. This justifies the reason why there is a growing number of individuals on different social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook that always provide latest news update, gossip, live feeds, or even humour. Like a charm, these oftentimes get you hooked to their handles and Facebook pages.

Some do it for passion but there is a significant number who discreetly tweet or post information to raise awareness through advertising or creating brand awareness most times at a small fee. In social media language, these are termed as Influencers. Their ability to influence stems from an apparent personal relationship with the legion of followers that they command and a sense of authority in their respective marketing spaces.

The ladies and gentlemen behind these social media accounts are tech enthusiasts who, with a single post/ tweet can easily change the perception about a brand. Today, more companies are increasingly looking at them to drive their brands.

For instance, during lockdown, weekend night parties were of great importance to different Television stations for them to estimate the number of viewers they can receive at a time, determined by the number of times a dedicated hashtag for the night has trended. Many of the small stations resorted to hire teams of players, the social media influencers hipe up the vibe of thieir unpopular shows so they can catch-up with those of the big stations.

Today, let’s look at some of the up and coming media influencers (in no particular order of popularity) on Twitter that could be of great value in promoting your newly launched product or advertising your upcoming promotional event.

Bad Bitch @kall_essy

Little is known about the bad bitch but she pulls a mamoth of followers on her handle. All on her light blue wall bio is being an Apass fan, Eminem fan and a picture of her with a veil wrapped around her head. She has been on twitter streets for a short while of only 2 years but has 30k followers and on average each tweet posted gets about 10k comments and retweets. Surprisingly, she is an opposite of most female social media influencers as she is more of a men activist opposed to being a feminist. She truly loves men being at the forefront of the society as most of her posts wax lyrical about men and their significance. The aforementioned validates why most of her followers are men.

Fine Buy Kera @legendary_gt_

With over 23.3k followers on twitter, Fine boy is one of the first and top undderated influencer on the ‘blue bird’ social medium. The account’s content features powerful messages that are shared daily, and tailors posts to everyone.

Lone Child @LoneChildJBM

This handle boosts over 10k followers that assures it a wide-ranging social media outreach. According to his profile, he is a music chronixx, sports lover supporting Arsenal FC whomis always destined for greatness.

Atuhaire Carol @Atuhairecarol10

If you have only one smile.., Give it to the people that you love’ That is what describes Carol on her handle that boosts about 60k followers. On her TL, she shares a number of things in kind of promotion ranging from electronics to foods and beverages.

The December Queen1 @TheDecemberQue1

The December Queen is an optimist who brags with over 28.5k followers with her space of influence ranging around beauty, workout and fine living.

PénćilAddíct @MukundaneAble

Just like the name of the account, the influencer behind this 33k times followed handle is a contemporary artist who combines realistic depictions of celebrity faces using pen and pencil.

David Bujjadda @davidbujjadda

According to his profile, Bujjadda is an Agrometeorologist, Digital marketer, content marketer and Graphics designer among others.

Kwizera @faithkwizera2

Boasting with over 40k followers, Kwizera is an Arsenal Fan and her handle among the fastest growing having joined the streets in Feb this year. She advertises different brand from a number of spaces like drinks, fashion & beauty and hygiene products like sanitisers, liquid soap & hand gel among others.

Naj @Naj_Daniell

Having lost his account a few months ago, Naj is constantly regaining followers on his new account and his handle one of the fastest growing in the last two months. Having rejoined twitter in June this year, Naj who happens to be a music producer and recording artist and music instrumentalist now boasts over 10k followers. He also grow and sell accounts and the latter might explain why he lost the old one.

Darker skinn @BradleyCarlvin1

Darker skinn is a sports enthusiast and an animator (probabl using computer graphics). He has more than 35k followers and his tweets not only make you laugh but also of a great inspiration.

Santo @Ssentongopeter5

His motivational tweets have accumulated him over 52.7k followers oh his handle since 2017.

AuBRy @aaubry256

He calls himself a photoshop lord and this doesn’t need much more explanation once you open the cover picture of his 32.1k times followed handle.

Rano @UgakidStreet

Rano is a scholar and Mental Health Advocate with close to 20k followers.

King @infamous_tweep

Unlike what his handle name reads, the King isn’t infamous. With over 28K followers accumulated in the last four months, the Infamous Tweep has been key in promoting a number of brands and events such as through the promotional hashtags of BBS TV Saturday night Party via #BBSOmudigido and the recent Adventure trip to Jinja via #TweepsDayOutOnTheNile.

In a nutshell, Social media influencers take word-of-mouth marketing to the next level and if you want to present your brand, products, or services in an authentic way to a larger audience, a social media influencer could be right for you. Make sure you choose the right influencer for your brand by considering factors like budget, target audience, and how long you want the relationship to last.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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