Team Whiners & Gossips: Types of Annoying women that Men can’t stand

Just randomly tune in to any FM radio’s Family program and wait till that time of call-in sessions, you will not be surprised finding out that men are always on the receiving end, with women callers accusing them of all manner of ills. Their pet topic will always be how their men are stingy and not romantic.

Though there are many proven cases of how bad and annoying men are, a million-dollar question arises; Are our women any better? Sisters, if you happen to be among these types of women about to be listed below, and still whining how your man is local, not romantic, bluh bluh bluh…. please note it from today, there is no man who will stand by you.

Team whiners and gossips

These are the ones that always complain about this or that. They not only just Backbite anybody but also their so-called ‘best friends for life’. When you see three of them giggling, you would think they’re best of buddies, but wait until one is away. He he..

They are always jealous at any one who happens to be cuter and better dressed than they are. They have long-winded tales of a ‘friend’ who wants to steal their boyfriend, or tries to copy their hairstyle or dressing style, or their decorating style.

Dear ladies under this team, no man on this earth will stand by a woman with such wounded lips that they happen to hurt once closed or put together for a moment.

Abusers of gentlemen generosity

In these hard economic times, no man, even a ‘sponsor’, wants you to show up for a date with a hungry, thirsty crowd girlfriends. It is such characters who, despite being weaned on local beer brands, asks for expensive, foreign drinks with names they can’t pronounce, just because the man said, ‘feel free to order anything you want’. Lanes!

They abuse men’s generosity and order for food that cost an arm and a leg, which, annoyingly, they toy with and only nibble on the salad, which they abandon halfway because they are trying to posture as ‘ladies’ who don’t eat much.

They always hover aroung the man’s object of desire, making it difficult for him to dispense the all-important honey-coated lyrics he had cited.

Borrowing Queen

There are women with a poor borrowing culture. When they visit, they at least want to leave your house with an item. “Wow, I like this book, can I borrow it and return next week?”, “Let me go watch this movie/series, I will return it,” or “can I borrow your extra phone? I will return in two days once I buy mine,” haha, they wil beg.

When you lend them an item, it takes the combined intervention of ISO, Interpol and a global positioning satellite (GPS) device to track it down. Brother, just insist asking her to bring back your stuff, they label you stingy and ungentlemanly.

Shameless Drunk Madam

Then they’re those whom you take out, get drunk and forget themselves. It’s this shameless drunk type whom you take to a live concert, get carried away and, without an ounce of shame, start shouting the name of the celeb on stage, expressing undying love for him.

“I looove you David Lutalo (Kenzo, Gravity Omutujju or whatever artiste is performing), please marry me,”

Some get high and start causing trouble and getting their men into unnecessary fights with strangers at night clubs. Please madam, if you are this kind of a lady, before whining about how your man poorly performing in the night wrestles, review your drinking and ask your self, how will one stand by me sith such a fishy drinking?.

Miss Freebies

These are ever looking for free stuff, from lunch, supper, airtime to drinks and movie tickets. Madam, didn’t your mother teach you men hate needy women?!

Girls, listen and listen good. You are not a begger, free things always haunt. Learn to spend your cash. Why the allergy to opening your purses? That, after all, is what equality, which you always shout about from rooftops is all about.

Team clueless who interrupt sports

Then comes these ones that interrupt sports. She will find your Arsenal FC madly trailing Liverpool FC at Anfield in a moment when Emre Can has badly tackled Aubameyang and pokes you in the ribs, blurting “Awww… that Liverpool dude is so cute.”
Ladies, learn this if you happen to have got married to a sports fanatic, even though he says he will die for you, spare for him time when his favorite team is playing, he will never be romantic nor give you attention when the game is still on.

Attention seekers

This kind never tells men that she is taken. She keeps entertaining flirts, suggestive compliments and leads on men, knowing too well she is taken. She keeps such men hovering around to massage her ego and boost her self-esteem with regular compliments.

You could be having a quiet drink with her on a date, hoping to have some quality time but she can’t put down her phone. It’s constantly busy like a switchboard, with texts and calls coming in, some of them from a man who has been hitting on her from way back in her kindergarten days! Once a man gets to know this, you will die a Single lady..

One phrase for all ladies listed above… Check your selves before blaming any one after clocking 40 and still a single woman or mother.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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