Why Should You Go for Uganda Car Rental Services Instead of Uber?

Car Rental Uganda

In Uganda today, if you wish to travel somewhere without driving your car, Uber may be the first alternative to consider. But other transport options have cropped out. For safety, we advise using a car rental. If you are not familiar with hiring a car in Uganda, this written piece will help you. In this article, we shall highlight the reasons why you are better off traveling by car rental in Uganda than uber.


Car hire drivers are under a registered company. If something goes wrong, they are apprehended by the rental company. They have something to lose if they don’t provide the right services to satisfy their clients. Contrastingly, uber drivers are not held accountable. In case you are disgruntled, you will only leave a bad review on the application. But the driver will keep on doing his business.

Background check

Before a car hire driver is rendered driving duties, they are interviewed by the company to ensure that they are competent. The rental companies do a background check-up to know their criminal record, level of education, experience, and professionalism.  This is done to ensure that they hire diligent drivers who will do the right job.

Contrary, uber drivers do not go through any scrutiny. The only requirements for qualifications are a driver’s license and a car.

Trusted Employees

The personnel that works with car hire companies are trustworthy.  Through the background check, the company gets to know each individual. These drivers are answerable to rental agencies. This is not the case with uber, it is a virtual platform and the driver works remotely and he is not under anybody. If you use uber, it is like you are dealing with a stranger, creating a sense of insecurity.

Thus, if you want safe and reliable transport means, look no further than car hire services.

No leakage of personal information

There is no need of sharing your data with a driver if you are using car hire services. You will give it to the company and that’s all. What the driver may know is your name and where you wish to travel during your trip. On the hand, when using uber, your private information is shared with the driver on the application, and also since it is a public domain, anyone can hack into the system and link your information. This makes you susceptible to theft if by any means you use your visa or credit card for payment.

To conclude, travelers can enjoy more rewards if they choose to use car rental services other than uber. But the main reward is that these exclusive means of transport are safe and secure right from the travelers as individuals to their belongings. Therefore, if you wish to travel around Uganda for any reason, we advise booking car hire services. This is the best way for safety and privacy.


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Written by Maksudi

A Travel blogger at Uganda Holiday Guide

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