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Top Common Habits of an Average Ugandan House Wife

Whether in Kampala, Mubende or Gulu, all Ugandan women have emerged to be the same. When it comes to house wives, no matter how Civilized she is or not, the way they perceive the doings of their husbands remains the same. Agree? Still not yet? Take this. Whether a woman has a PhD or is a baby class drop-out, she will suspect his husband to be cheating if he starts coming home late. You will never explain it’s been because of business and she accepts.

Here are the top common habits and beliefs of an average Ugandan house wife.

Funny Demands during First Pregnancy

For new couples, most of the women during their first pregnancy become problem to their husbands. They will ensure the men ‘experience’ the pregnancy in their heads by demanding silly stuffs like ‘funny eatables’ at midnight when it’s raining and not caring whether there is a ‘Kifeesi’ gang outside waiting to clobber and rob you clean.

Phone not being Available means Cheating

Although there are some women who will understand that maybe a phone’s battery has died when it’s not on, an average wife will take her husband’s phone not being available as being deliberately switched off on her to be with his side dish. Watch the space…and wait for his arrival at home. A violent confrontation.

All men are dogs

They think that all men are the same and believe that creating them was God’s mistake number one. This makes ‘suspicious’ her middle name. Any text from a woman who is not a relative must be from that girl she thinks he is feasting on secretly.

She will always wonder how and where you got to know so many women, forgetting that you went to a mixed primary school, have workmates and your friends have women friends as well. You are not supposed to even greet, let alone hug another woman

Marrying you was a Mistake

She will always think that she made a mistake of marrying you as she sees other families living much better than hers. She’ll be bad-mouthing her tireless hubby, always wondering why he is not like ‘Taata Faith or Taata Peace’ who is God-fearing, reports home at 6pm with chicken and is even more successful.

She is insecurity Incorporated, can hardly believe she got married and the husband settled for her. Instead, she is always devising ways of keeping her marriage intact just in case.

Hates hubby’s male friends

We men, married or not, like hanging out with our childhood friends, college mates, workmates among others. But an average wife deems all of these as a threat to her husband’s finances and fidelity forgetting that he saw her when all of these were already friends.

Hubby is the Overall of the Family

Most house wives expect their husbands to do everything for them and the family includes buying an electricity token, signing off the children’s diary, lining up for her food at specific function, paying all their expenses, and buying water in case of shortage.

Guys, hope you got your wife’s match among these habits.. No way you can tell me that yours has never behaved in any way of the above mentioned.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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