Ugandan Rally Fans Cheering Skills Amazes Kenyans at the Safari Rally

It was another time for the Uganda Motor Rally fans to take ‘kavuyo’ to Kenya when they had escorted drivers that represented Uganda in the Kenya Safari Rally last weekend.

The current NRC leader on the board, Jas Mangat together with Duncan ‘Kikankane’ Mubiru were the representatives of the pearl of Africa where Mangat finished third, to fly high the Black-Yellow-Red flag on the Podium and Mubiru seventh despite a nasty Roll Over of his newly acquired Subaru GBV during the contest.

However, it was the Ugandan fans that stunned Kenyans in Naivasha town where the rally was held. Children were heard asking which country does that flag belongs to and if it happens to set a question regarding the features of the Ugandan Flag in this year’s KCE, they will automatically pass in A-grade.

It was mayhem to the Kenyan Rally Security officials that were used to handling overzealous fans as they followed their drivers from section to section.

The were even recognized by the Kenya Motorsport Federation President who was amazed by their number and awful cheers before landing them for giving the Rally hype and Pomp that had never seen before. He also promised to find ways on

exempting border fees on the vehicles that will take them back for another rally, probably next year in the same event.

According to sources, there was over 200 fans that managed to go and witness the Kenya Safari Rally in two buses and mini-

buses as well. Each fan parted with about Sh 70,000 to Sh 100,000 for transport, but catered for their feeding and accommodation.

They are now eyeing upcoming ARC Rallies of Zambia, Tanzania and Rwanda once a Ugandan Rally driver puts in his/ her entry.

The rally was won by Carl ‘Flash’ Tundo.

Thanks for the heart, Ugandan Buzz welcomes you back to the motherland.

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