There is an ongoing feud, beef and war between celebrated rappers GNL Zamba and Gereson Wabuyu a.k.a Gravity Omutujju as every one tries to prove who is better of the other.

From provoking social media posts from both parties, we are now on a quest for a music show (battle) which Gravity believes is the only thing that put the metric right on deciding who is who.

Gravity dared GNL Zamba for a Show at Namboole Stadium and revealed that this will be the cause of his death (GNL).

GNL Zamba
GNL Zamba

I chased him from Uganda, and i dare him to battle me at Namboole after Covid-19, I will put him in his right place,” he said.

Gravity added on that GNL Zamba lost relevancy in Ugandan music industry and with most of his songs being outdated, the only piece of advice he would give him is to retire.