A Piglet that Looks Like an Elephant Born in Cambodia

Amazing Photos Reveal a Bizzare Mutation that Leaves a Tiny Swine with a Trunk & Big Floppy Ears

Amazing images have emerged of a mutated piglet in Cambodia, with photos showing the seriously deformed animal looking like a hybrid between an elephant and a pig.

The piglet, which was born in Pramaoy in Cambodia’s west, is pink with a long, trunk-like snout and big, floppy ears like an elephant. The animal appears to be scrawny, limp and cannot open its eyes, with serious physical deformities.

Piglet Born in Cambodia

It’s unknown if the piglet is still alive or what caused its strange appearance. In 2014, a similar looking piglet was born in China, but only survived for two hours as it was born without a mouth.

piglet-elephantThe pig, which was born with a similar long trunk and elephant ears, was frozen by a Chinese farmer after it died to preserve the specimen and prove to others that the creature was real.

The piglet was one of eight piglets born in Jilin in south-eastern China, with seven healthy siblings.

In 2010 another pig was born with a trunk on top of its head and the similar leaf-shaped ears.

In June of last year, a pig gave birth to three healthy offspring and one mutated piglet with severe physical deformations.

The deformed pig also bears a striking resemblance to a tapir, which is a large, herbivorous mammal with a body like a pig and a long snout.

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