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Vera Sidika set for another cosmetic surgery

After a successful skin bleaching and boob implant, Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika is yet again to under go another cosmetic surgery.

She has so far undergone two surgeries in the US to improve her appearance. One was to bleach her entire body in an operation that reportedly cost her Ksh 50 million and the other was breast implants.

Since June this year, Vera has been complaining on how she is not proud of her breast surgery. She was considers to get rid of her implants after they almost killed her.

Vera Sidika Regrets Boob Surgery

She added on to regret the boob job advising all of ladies not to rush to Miami for surgery since they should learn to themselves yourselves.

However, she hasn’t learned yet, the bootiful socialite is set for a teeth surgery. She will be undergoing a procedure that will make her teeth shine brighter than haters’ future.

2018…. New Teeth loading. Beverly Hills got the best Dentists. Quite Expensive but worth it. My teeth about to be brighter than haters future,” She posted.

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