Visit the Gorillas Before They Go Extinct

Meet the Rare Apes in the Wild

Bwindi Mountain Gorilla

Uganda and Rwanda are well known in tourist circles for mountain gorillas which are about to become extinct. A huge damage to their population was done during the civil strife that gripped the region in the early part of the 1990s – there was no safety cover that could protect gorillas from poachers. There were nearly 700 gorillas in 2002 which has been reduced to 260 in 2008. Today the population of the mountain gorillas is estimated to be about 1000 individuals. The curiosity to see the endangered gorillas forces travelers from around the world to come and know the close ancestors of human from close. They share 97% genetic material with human beings.

Increasing Popularity of Gorilla Trekking

The world known Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is known to host almost half of the world’s remaining population of the legendary mountain gorillas in Africa. Travelers who do a safari in the park can have an opportunity to see these gorillas. However, a major problem is that the creature does not often come out and it depends a lot upon the time and luck that a traveler can have a view of them. Generally, mountain gorillas come out when they are hungry and that too at the nearest food.

The endangered gorillas are also found in Africa’s Virunga Volcanoes Mountains. Another species that attracts travelers is the golden monkey which is found in the Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda. Golden monkeys are a subspecie of the blue monkey. Golden Monkey are common sites in the bamboo forests of the volcanic mountain chain that is spread in the parts of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore while visiting the gorillas, you can also track the golden monkeys in either Rwanda or Uganda.

There fore to see the mountain gorillas just go ahead and book a Uganda safari or a Rwanda safari and meet the mountain gorillas in the wild of Africa. The experience of meeting the gorillas in the wild, and stay with them for at least an hour within Bwindi Impenetrable forest or Mgahinga National park in Uganda or the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is unexplainable. It is a memorable experience that will last on your memory forever, yet the any gorilla safari you take helps in promoting conservation in Africa.

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