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Weasel, Fans, and Well Wishers to Camp at Radio’s Burial Place on 1st Feb

On 1st February, they will be exactly two years ever since the untimely demise of the lead performer of East Africa’s dynamic duo – Radio and Weasel, Moses Radio, real name Nakintijje Moses Ssekibogo. Mowzey Radio died on the 1st of February 2018 after sustaining head injuries ensued from the bar brawl at a popular eat-out place in Entebbe, DE BAR.

As a way of commemorating and paying homage to his long-time singing companion, Douglas Seguya Mayanja alias Weasel Manizel along with the duo’s fans and well wishers have opted to visit their deceased beloved icon on the exact dates of his ill-timed death. They also invite each and everyone inclined to join them as they visit the Leesu hit maker at his permanent home (burial place) in Kagga, Nakawuka – along Entebbe road.

In case you wanted to join them visit the no more crooner’s burial place, you can call on 0776720019, 0703393825 and 0702502927 for more information.

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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