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Weasel Fires Back At Daniella Atim Mayanja

Singer Weasel Manizo and his sister-in-law, Daniella Atim – a wife to his elder brother Jose Chameleone have got involved in a verbal war on instagram. This is after the surviving singer of Radio and Weasel duo posted his new girl friend, Teta Sandra, on women’s day wishing her a happy women’s day.

weasel and his new girfriend Teta Sandra

The post left some people, including Daniella, not pleased with Weasel posting the new girl friend instead of his wife, Talia Katoroogo, with whom he has two children, Thea Mayanja and Emmanuel Mayanja.

weasel and his wife talia

Showing on how this post pissed off Daniella, the mother of five went on to post a photo of Weasel’s wife on her instagram with a caption informing her to get rid of the abusive relationship she lives in.

weasel and talia’s children – thea and emmanuel Mayanjas

Dear mama Thea, you are a good woman and a great mama, today I pray for you and I shall post you get courage to get out of that abusive relationship, it has drained you emotionally and physically, I post you here so that fellow women who can’t reach you can share with you words of courage and remind you that you can do this…let’s end domestic violence in Uganda”, posted Daniella.

In his riposte, Weasel posted a quote of ‘Epictetus’ which is indirectly targeting Daniella following her post on women’s day.

The quote Weasel posted reads ”Keep your attention focused entirely on what is truly your own concern, and be clear that what belongs to others is their business and none of yours’‘.


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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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