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Weird things Women carry in hand bags

Security guards at a certain building in Kampala were once stunned when they found ostrich eggs inside a woman’s handbag and after being threatened to be taken up by Environment conservationists, she confessed the eggs were part of a good luck ritual.

Things that women carry in their handbags are not only strange but also, perplexing. Here is a sample of them.

Remote control
Carrying a remote control is taking it too far but we all know many house maids never want to miss Live Wire or a beauty program on Spark TV, so this prompts their mistresses to move with TV remotes to keep the television off when they are away, if not, the house help will not work.

Boyfriend boxers
A certain insurance sales lady said that most of the times when her man is out on trips, She misses him so much and in order to feel he his nearby, she always carry his boxers and beside her on the bed at night.

Some pretty lasses reside in areas where security light bulbs change ownership during the day.

Male condoms
Modern ladies carry them as you never know when the craving will ‘cum’.  Most men are uncomfortable with the idea, but many women will say it’s a life saver, literally, especially after a few drinks and there is an empty parking lot.

These college ‘know more chicks’ carry slippers in their handbags as they fear contracting athlete’s foot and other related diseases from sharing flip flops with strangers whenever they visit ‘people’s houses’.

Sex Toys
Hell no!!! Sex is an important ingredient in not only a modern woman’s lifestyle, but who said a man must be available before a girl can have fun? The battery powered little soldiers can go on and on long even after he runs out of horse power.

Little Thermo Flasks
Some women more so office workers carry a flask of tea or porridge in their handbags, every day for break fast at work.

Excuse female smokers but unless you work in the ‘kitchen’ department, why walk around with a matchbox? Acertain lady said that she has been carrying a match box for a year after she arrived home one day and there was a blackout so she was forced to find her way in the dark.

Water taps
So is the water tap regulator, no spoiling water by the house help till she returns home.

A table knife
Apparently, this is not to be used during lunch away from home. It is a weapon. A protection gear that women use when a man attempts anything ‘silly’.

Crocodile teeth and the kind
No hard feelings but most women though may look innocent, are known to easily fall for ‘witch doctors’ tricks’. This is why you will find strange things in her bag for protection, good luck and landing her on a wealthy Mr Man.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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