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Trouble Ensures For Wema Sepetu over Leaked Intimate video, Apologizes!

wema sepetu

This October, Tanzanian socialite Wema Sepetu has been the talk of town on social media over different matters. From her mother chasing his former boyfriend from her house over failure to renew expired electricity tokens to getting close to her ex- boyfriend Diamond Platinumz and finally to unveiling a new lover.

However, she is back again in the news today on a full blast.

The Sensual Bedroom Video

The former miss Tanzania has left many wondering after appearing in the leaked video that is trending on social media, engaging in serious bedroom sexual activities. It seems she is willing to drop her morals just to please her new sweetheart and many think that she could have gone back to using drugs.

She appears in the video with her man as they exchange saliva in bed while only covering their naked bodies with a sheet. It is claimed that the video wasn’t meant to be leaked on Hamisa Mobetto’s Instagram account which has over 4 million followers having it not been hacked, while others claim that the account hasn’t been hacked.

However, despite all the talks surrounding Wema’s current behavior, this video is expected to bring in serious repercussions to her regarding the rules regulating online platforms in Tanzania over nudity.

Penalties she might face

Singer Diamond Platinumz, video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and other Bongo celebrities have been punished before by the authorities over such kind of videos.

To realize how the law is strict, Hamisa Mobetto was forced to apologize by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority a few months ago over her bikini photos that the authority said that they were capable of influencing children into aping the bad behavior.

Therefore, Wema Sepetu might be slapped with a ban of at least six months and barred from using social media or participating in any works related to music or film.

Wema Sepetu Apologizes

Meanwhile, Following the trolls and pressure, the actress was left with no other option to come out to comment on the leaked video and there by apologize to the public, Tanzanian government and her relatives during a press conference she held at her home in Dar Es Salaam in the evening.

wema sepetu aplogy
wema sepetu aplogy

“I apologize for what happened, first I apologize to the government through TCRA and the films board. I apologise to my family and fans who have been with me even during this time…… I apologise to my young fans and siblings who look up to me as a role model. Most importantly, I apologise to my mum because I admit I embarrassed many. I am not here to justify what I did because it will not change a thing and I don’t blame anyone because it has already happened,” she said.

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