What your post to Facebook Say About The Villager in You

“You can take a man to the city, but you can’t take the village out of him”

“They say you can take a man (or woman) to the city, but you can’t take the village out of him.If you doubt that, log on into Facebook, where you will find those raunchy women village talks by the spring and wells.”

Dirty pictures/ video posts

Do you remember the village boys who used to tuck mirrors beneath girls’ skirts in primary four or five? And the girls never seemed to understand they were supposed to sit properly? Now you know.

There are men and women who are always posting dirty pictures on their walls.

Never post at all

These fellow never post or comment about anything but just open their pages to stare at updated profile pictures and read others’ posts.

This is a villager who never seem to know what is going on. They don’t go to the church or mosque, never visit and never chat with other folks at the market place.

Attacking posts

Go to Facebook and find the mouthy whiners who are always embroiled in senseless fight over nothing. When you read through their posts, you will find not once have they said a nice word about any one ranting about Golola Moses, Uganda Cranes’ and Frank Gashumba.

They are that villager’s representative whom I call the ‘mouthy one’, an acid tongued wasp whose lips are folded in a perpetual sneer, they have a ball of fury in their chests. Have voices like thunder unleashing acerbic pro-box sized insults often unmerited, that cut to the bone and hurt for years. To them, everything is evil, hateful, jealous, boastful, stupid and ugly.

Quarrelsome posts

On Facebook,that is the quarrelsome fellow who depending on his tribe is always ranting about Bakiga, Basoga, Sevo, Bseigyeetc. Spends the whole day posting insults and by 5am when other people are brushing theirteeth he/ she will have insulted Bakiga six times.

If you have lived in village enough, you know that dark fellow who walks around with a panga mumbling to himself. He believes the whole world is against him. Takes offence at the slightest opportunity and is always reporting people to the village head man, chases people’s cows from his garden and poisoning neighbors’ dogs and pigs.

Facebook Senga and Kojja’s

Closely to these is a villager who strolls into people’s homes away from meal time and pretends to have been in the neighborhood.

Thesealways have authority on everything, when to weed your crops, how to weed, which seed to plant, how to discipline an errant plant, howto sit on a wife properly and so on.


Post with no targeted subject

You will be discussing about National Budget matters on facebook and then pops out with a stinging tirade against Baganda and Banyoro.

This is a Know it all villager who as an opinionon every subject under the sun and will argue for hours aboutsomething he knows nothing about. This is one on facebook always giving advice to Besigye and EriasLukwago on what they should do and not to do.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

Full-time entertainment blogger and seasoned Travel article writer. Reach me at +256 703 245760 and

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