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Here are the Guys enjoying your wife while you are away: Take Caution!

This is for men that often travel and leave their homes for a couple of days, weeks or even months. Most of us who have had a chance of staying closer to those couples whose lovers stay far away from them or take time to meet up, many get ‘side dishes’ to quench their ‘body needs’.

This applies not only to men, but also to women mostly including house wives. To those that tout that it is the men who cannot stay without sex for a while, better think again. Many women whose relationship is affected by distance also seek other partners for sexual satisfaction. These tend to quench the inferno between their legs with ‘guys’ you can’t even suspect.

For this reason, today we bring you the ilk of men likely to sex your wife you left in the village or some where else while you are laying on your back staring at the ceiling wondering what she is up to.

Boda boda guys

boda boda riderThat same boda boda guy you always see picking up your wife to work or market when you are back might only be helping her movements to places cheaper and faster on the road, but also in the bed.

However, in this case many are lured by the women them selves seeking toy boys to service them in the absence of their husbands. Since many of them in the industry are youth and still oozing with exuberance and reek of lust, they tend to fall easy prey for these women.

“I asked for his number and became his regular customer, he is a decade younger than me and it took a few ‘keep change’ and an invite for a meal in my house. The rest is incredible orgasms that even my hubby has never made me reach,” A one house wife who confessed to quench her bedroom thirsty with other men when her hubby is away narrated.

A boda boda guy who admitted to swing married women and widows revealed to us that he prefers lodgings to the woman taking her to her homestead as it keeps her inlaws, children and nosy neighbors from ‘smelling the rat’. He says that these women sometimes have a habit of holding riders suggestively and bringing in vulgar conversations along the way.

Brother-in laws

In some tribes in Uganda, a brother or cousin could sleep with one’s wife. Though with modernity, many say that practices like wife inheritance and brother in laws standing in place of their brothers have died, they have not if you try some good research out there. As it was, can still be. He could either be a blood brother, close or distant cousin.

You also have heard or seen some cases where husbands who live far away from their wives accuse their spouses of sleeping with their brothers-in-law. Many take vantage of the woman’s vulnerability by providing for her, helping her out with manly chores, expecting sexual favours in return and most times it is not easy to suspect, since it is normal for a man to act friendly with his sister in law.

High School boys

Unlike in towns where kids start schooling at a tender age, many in rural areas start school late finding that male high school students are hardly teenagers in most circumstances. Most are in their early twenties and become easy targets for starved women seeking satisfaction as they are lured with pocket money and other trivial goodies.

Pastors and other church boys

This requires no much thinking or argument. Pastors ‘chewing’ their flock is no news.

Since women are naturally gullible creatures who turn to religion for comfort, it in turn becomes their point of weakness. Many cases have been heard where husbands pin pastors to be secretly drilling their wives’ ‘forbidden oil wells’.

As these women spend more time doing the work of the lord, attending night vigils and special prayers with the pastors, affairs have brewed and many marriages have broken. Thanks to unwise counsel from the men of God.

Didn’t you read the story of a man who set the house of a local pastor’s house on blaze after catching him (pastor) red handedly sexing his wife in a maize plantation after he had come back home from town chores without noticing the mother of four children.


Lastly, we have this category. Fathers in law. This has been witnessed in some villages with tribes that see no evil for fathers to openly interact with their daughters-in law. Some lustful fathers also do the same just like the brothers-in law in expctation of sexual favors.

Meanwhile, in our African culture, it is extremely a taboo for a man to have sex with his daughter in law.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

Full-time entertainment blogger and seasoned Travel article writer. Reach me at +256 703 245760 and

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