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Why Break a bank for Valentines Day?

A number of young men and women are around the streets of Kampala buying flowers and so many other items to gift to their significant other in the name of love. Those that saved for it and those that didn’t. well, the day is here and you need to impress your loved one whatsoevr?. But do you really need to break a bank or fight over gifts and vacations for ‘valentines’ day? just this one day!

well, in my opinion, gifts should not be used as a tool of measure of true love. As lovebirds, its a key factor that, try your level best to understand each other, especially when it comes to financial matters so as to avoid either party from hurting the other for not getting each other gifts on special days such as this one.

There ought to be no comparisons to other couples when it comes to love and gifting because this is where most people tend to lose it. I have seen many friends arguing about the new trend of ‘money-flower’ gifts that has become a trend in town as mode of showing affection to them, this is a common case among the females.

I believe that every individual has his or her own way of expressing their feelings hence, love cannot be measured or compared to another rel. If you have seen some one gifting his 7th rib an expensive dress or shoe, why expect the same from your side as well. There are many things that have been done to you out of love from your partner and they will continue after this day.

Fellow Lovers, do not put so much pressure on your partners to the point of making them spend their last coin in the name of ‘spoiling’ you such that a week or a month later, they run broke only to increase tension in your relationship.

It is important for every party to accept the offer from their lovers, however little, which could even include a mere message.

Happy Valentines Day…

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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