Why do Married women abort?

Did you know that abortion is no longer a preserve of youths and promiscuous high school girls and campus freshers fearing to be bogged down by parental obligations? These days even married women flock backroom clinics to flush unborn babies behind the curtains of their lovers concern. But what could be the reason for this?

Cheating by their men
Once she finds out that her hubby has been taking secret hanky-panky routines with side chics while she is in early stages of pregnancy, she might a victim of abortion as the thought of bringing up a child into such a disgusting situation is revolting.

material responsibilities of motherhood
This rotates around abstract expectations of parenting. Some agree with their me to deliberately have small families like with one or two children, to afford them quality education and other creature comforts there by the other mistakenly made babies becoming collateral damage never to see the light of day.

Extramarital affairs
Most if the married women opt to abort because they could not handle the pressure of another child when their businesses or careers were just picking up.

Defilement is a major issue amongst married couples. Once a wife sires a child out of a forceful conjugation, some procure abortions because of being opposed to the forced union.

Among other reasons include:

  • Some women do not want to put too much pressure on the husbands i.e increasing their men’s responsibility.
  • Ill-timed pregnancies
  • The financial state of the family may also force a woman to abort

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