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Bukedde TV’s Namulindwa Discloses the secret hehind her Single-hood state

When it comes to relationships, every one on this planet has a different story. As some are living happily, many are out there crying for help as they live on tenterhooks and a few have decided to stay single may be waiting for the ‘right time’, among these include Bukedde TV presenter, Flavia Namulindwa.

flavia namulindwaMany stories have been written about her but no writer has ever come out with proof that ‘here’ is the true man warming the ever jolly presenter’s bed. According to her, she is single and decided to keep her self in this state for a reason.

The secret behind her single-hood is all about her past relationship. She says she was hurt so much to the extent that she now trusts a few men and can’t give her whole in a relationship.

“I have ever been in love, mad love that no one can ever imagine. I was crazy in love but the outcomes hurt me,.. We had everything but he never treated me right that is why now I can never give my whole in a relationship. I was so heartbroken till today that is why I never give much and I don’t expect much from a man,” she revealed.

Namuindwa who also has a son, Lebron, form ‘that’ relationship added on that even if she breathes her last, her son must be taken to her side, not anyone else side (clearly meaning the father’s side).

“What more connection can you have with a man who comes out and denies his own son? My son is mine alone.” Flavia Namulindwa backed her point.

Flavia later admitted that she has found her self a new man and are living in good terms.

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