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Why Most Girls Always Crush on Metro-Sexual Men

Douglas Lwanga
Douglas Lwanga

A metrosexual man is one who especially shows great attention and always careful upon his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping and behind the mirror.

Here in Kampala, the likes of Fashonista Abrynz Ahumuza or TV Personality Douglas Lwanga can be a good description for this.

Though a lot of people esp men look down on metrosexual guys because we have been conditioned to believe that it is only women who should put a lot of effort into their appearance, these kind of guys are on rare occasions not dismissed by girls on dates. Many of my female friends have confessed that they have ever had a crush on such men. Thus, here are the top reasons why many girls go gaga over metro-sexual men.

Easy on the eyes

These guys take great pride in their appearance and strive to look best at all times to justify their saying that physical appearance is everything. A metro-sexual guy is always neat, tidy and attractive down to the smallest details.

The truth is, not many women can resist a man who cares about his appearance and puts a lot of effort in it as it is to unshaven, shabby, unkempt men who can’t even get bothered to put on a fresh pair of underwear when meeting up with you.


Girls like metro-sexual men because they would never get worried about him showing up for a date or an important occasion dressed like a hobo.

Dressed menHe is always dressed to the nines even if it is just a casual brunch unlike the other manly boyfriends that can’t even be bothered to wear matching socks. They know how to coordinate the outfits and which are best suited for a specific occasion.

Metro-sexual men know what shopping could mean in the relationship. They love shopping more than you do and you would never get worried of your closet running out of trending fashions.

Healthy Conscious

A metro man wouldn’t be caught dead with a beer gut or a double chin.

They know that a fit and healthy body is key to having impossibly good looks. Girls know that when you date a metro man, you are pretty much guaranteed that he will never let himself go and will always be in tip top shape.

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