Why men stick with abusive wives

For long, it has been often assumed that victims of domestic violence are women and that it’s taboo for a man to confess that he has been abused…by a woman since ladies are thought to be the weaker sex.
My friend, very many gents out there are silently suffering physical, mental, sexual and economic abuse in relationships that aslo includes mutilation of male genitalia, if not chopping them off all. But why do these guys decide to stay in such abusive relationships.

It is not bad to love, but love not to the fullest. Once she learns she got the remote of your life, my braza you will be controlled to the fullest but not loved.

Fear of Embarrassment
It takes a lot of courage for a man to report the matter of being abused to the laws due to fear of being embarrased not only in the public, but also infront of the family.

Marital Commitment
Most women change behaviors immediately after legalising relationships may be customary, religiously or by law as they know you are already committed and can’t just brak the vows made.

Financial distress
The case of homes where the wife earns much than the husband. Even though she mistreats him, he can decide to stay since other basics of the family are being catered for.

Most men in their late 60’s mostly married to young girls have a fear that when they let thier spouses go, it will be hard for them to lure another younger wife into a relationship.

Childre’s welfare
There is a beleif that children can only be well groomed by the hands of the mother while the father does every thing to meet their needs. This keeps them intact of their abusive wives for the well being of their children.

Other reasons why men stay in abusive relationships can be due to Spousal threats and Cultural Norms since we are Africans.

A certain man severly suffered in the hands of his abusive wife, an experience that led him form a Married men rights advocacy group. He said that wife would beat him and scream as if she was the one at the receiving end and there is a day she screamed and a police officer came to the house. Surprisingly, the officer arrested him for abusing the wife!

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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