Why should every one sleep naked?

Did you know it is only 33% of adults that sleep in their birthday suits? The remaining percentage find it hard to sleep naked with just a simple concern of ‘What if a fire breaks out?’

Unknown to them is the long list of benefits that come with ditching the pyjamas that count to improving sleep quality, boost relationships and burning more calories.

Wearing lots of bedclothes makes it more difficult to regulate the body temperature.

If you share a bed with a partner, going nude will generate a generous boost of oxytocin hormone that’s been shown to have a wealth of health benefit.

The skin-to-skin contact triggers the sensory nerves on the skin to send impulses to the brain to create a protective effect on the heart to lower blood pressure.

Still in couples, sleeping in the birthday suit boosts the immune system and reduces anxiety as skin-on-skin touching is something every one is happy with.

Lastly, Sleeping naked increases the chances of sex.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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