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Winnie Nwagi’s Temper Worries Fans after Abusing a Follower on Instagram

Once you are branded a celebrity, there are some things that you have to bare to including negative critics but it seems Singer Winnie Nwagi is not ready for that Celebrity code of Conduct of handling negative criticism from the public. She has been involved in a series of extreme hostile exchange of sharp words and impoliteness with her fans, followers and critics for week now.

Nwagi Gets Pissed off

It all started during her interview with Miles Rwamiti at the ‘Koona’ show on Spark TV where she appeared to be rude at anyone who came up to either criticise or comment on the make up she had won.

To many, the make u and dress code had evidently gone wrong but Instead of taking the high road as an icon and a role model, Nwagi chose to respond with equal fire to whoever came up to criticise despite efforts from her other fans advising her to stay calm and be polite.

I am who I am, no one is going to change me. I love my make so if you do not like it stop following me and leave me alone,” The ‘Oli Kirabo’ singer responded savagely during the show forgetting that anyone in her position is prone to always be attacked by the public

Abuses Follower on Instagram

It was not all, the curvaceous ‘Show’ me singer again took her hot temper to one of her Instagram fan, a one Rita who was advising her to change the make up artist who she thought was doing her celebrity wrong.

“Yo darling fan and follower kindly change that makeup artist she is doing you wrong mukwano (friend). Dope picture though,”A one Rita commented.

However, instead of thanking for or ignoring silently the piece of advice proposed to her, she decided to abuse her straight away.

“Rita_worthy ‘onayasama paka ddi kikwano’, you have no power over me darling,” Nwagi responded loosely meaning in quotes that till when Rita will keep on opening her mouth wide.

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