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Women You Should Never Marry

Marry them at your own risk


These top the list of both “updateable” and “unmarriageable” women according to most men. Most men accuse female lawyers of being too opinionated and never ready to settle down. They also grow horns once the money start coming in. a small domestic tiff and they start brandishing FIDA brochures. They always have divorce dates on their minds…

Journalists (TV Girls)

These appeal to everyone and eventually only the monied men manage to bag them. Their life style might be unsustainable for a mere mortal. Besides, they are public figures and always can go to their heads, men seem to be persuaded.

Tour Guides

They aspire to be married to white men, same for women studying foreign languages. Besides career advancement, they have other expectations.

Men believe they are dangerous given the kind of exposure they get out of there. The carrier exposes them to different personalities and lifestyles that might force them to start comparing you to those they encounter daily.

Air hostesses

For starters, they are too beautiful to be domesticated. Most men speculate that their constant travelling exposes them to numerous adventures they don’t want to imagine, besides exposure to untenable lifestyles. They are known as side dishes for pilots, flight engineers and frequent flier gold card holder.

They are shopaholics and are used to men who can fund their shopping escapades and unless you have the money and are ready to fund their fast lane life, you have to keep it off. In their prime time they are too busy traveling to settle down and raise a family.

Police women

They are well trained and know how to handle fire arms. They have demanding jobs that may not be good for marriage, childbearing and other roles expected of a woman as per African tradition.

Sales Ladies

These can’t be trusted. Given the job’s nature, women are sometimes forced to employ other means that might not go down well with you when you discover them.

Hair dressers

These are super “gossipers”, they are skeptical towards marriage given salons are great places for gossip and that is where marriages are mostly diagnosed, when they are on death bed. Married women tell them their marital woes thus the carefree attitudes.

Bouncers and Waiters

These are frown upon on two levels. First they work odd hours, at night mostly, hence might never be available to raise and nurse the kids.

Secondly they are exposed to other men, who might lead them astray. They might form a drinking habit yet men would prefer it if their woman never touched alcohol.

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