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Pilots, Lawyers..: Date a man From these Professions at Your Own Risk

Finding a right partner whom you can live with in happiness and stand by you in times of difficult till the end of time is every one’s dream. However, very few find such partners, many find them selves kissing wrong frogs. When it comes to dating, experts advise that it’s good to be open-minded. You have to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

There are a lot to consider while choosing a right partner. Among them and specifically for ladies, includes a man’s profession. Professions say a lot about men as far as dating is concerned. They can some times help yo smell a keeper or a loser in miles away!

Pain in life is inevitable, but misery is optional? But ladies, you have to be keen on men with these professions before jumping into their lives. Else, pain and misery will be always part of your relationship.


Many argue that this bunch largely comprise of liars. Be it Local councils or big shots like MPs, they were all born by the same mother. According to some of our sisters that have tasted these me, they accuse most of them to be unfaithful, undisciplined, unloyal just to mention but a few.

If you are in for money and fame, just know that he will try as much as possible not to be seen with you in public.


These would have missed this list but due to the tales that abound of their escapades and conquests in foreign lands, we couldn’t leave them behind.


Most lawyers are crooks and untrustworthy! Not my words, but for our sisters who have tried settling down with them. This profession, many will tell you seems to always attract intelligent, cold, conniving, competitive and personalities. From the angle of Love, such personalities are disastrous in matters relationships.
Such a man will cheat on you or refuse to give you child support, and still smartly defend and argue himself out of the matter.


Musicians are often sexy and they understand the poetry of words. So fame is always assured by your side, but, you have to deal with late hours, unsteady money streams and aggressive groupies.


With these kind, it is a case of too much money and lots of ‘groupie’ love’. A few ladies that are looking forward at settling down will want to deal with all this.

CEOs and Top management positions holders

These are mostly narcissists and egomaniacs. Eeehh!! okay, he is the answer to the world’s problems and you should be grateful that he picked you out of all the other women throwing themselves at his feet and claws! They also seem to think they can fix everything with money even their relationships.

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Pastors (Men of God)

These guys are smooth operators, they use hook and crook to woo women. They know people believe in them, thus they find it very easy to confuse other women besides their own girlfriends and wives. Hope you have heard about some cases.

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