Zari Hassan’s Life before success

If you are to agree with me, you cannot miss Zari Hassan’s name in the list of 10 most successful women in Uganda but most of her followers have only come to her after rocking the social scene in Kampala where she and her late ex – boyfriend and father of 3 would organise free luxurious parties around Kampala and splash dimes to the public without worrying about tomorrow.

Ugandanbuzz is here to share with you the early life of Zari Hassan as a teenager before becoming one of the top socialites in Uganda and East Africa at Large.

Zari Hassan was born and raised in Jinja and this is where a friend with whom they grew and went to school together reveals that her road to success was a rough one.

Her first cut was a Moslem man, a very limited scale business man who used to transport sugar from SCOUL Lugazi to Kisenyi market in Kampala in order to earn a living.

Life was so hard to Zari while living with this man and that is where her inner woman gave her an idea of quitting this marriage to come to Kampala.. “The so called land of opportunities”.

As to most people who have just come to Kampala, When Zari came to town, life worsened as she hustled around Kampala, a thing she never expected. She didn’t have any money but the good thing she was very ambitious.

This is when she realised that she had what all men want, the beauty, so she planned on how to use it so well. Through her games, Ivan Ssemwanga came into her life by hooking her up.

It is Ivan who opened Zari’s door to the success and happiness of a life time as he connected her to juicy deals in South Africa from where they both made chunks of money.
As a clever and quick thinker, she managed to work hard with Ivan and they massed wealth, this was the spark to the luxurious lifestyle she enjoys till date.

Zari is now married to Tanzanian singer Diamond platinumz though she is currently in SA trying to make ends meet as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the schools of Brooklyn Colleges that Ivan left behind.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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